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Fully kitted First Aid kit perfect for any office / working enviorment (this kit manufactured by Steroplast)


Each kit is design for a set number of people the current guiedlines are as below 

LOW HAZARD - Office (e.g. shops, offices and library).

Small = less than 25 people 

Medium = 25 - 50 people

Large = more than 50 people 1 X kit per 100 people

HIGH HAZARD - Warehouse(e.g. light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, dangerous machinery, construction)

Small = less than 5 people 

Medium = 5 - 25 people

Large = more than 25 people 1 X kit per 25 people


Burn dressing122
Conforming bandage122
Contents list111
Eyepad dressing - sterile234
Finger dressing - sterile234
Foil blanket123
Gloves - pairs6912
Guidance leaflet111
Large dressing - sterile122
Medium dressing - sterile468
Microporous tape111
Plasters - boxed4060100
Resus valve - one way112
Safety pins61224
Saline sterile wipes - boxed203040
Triangular bandage234
Tufkut scissors111
Wall bracket111


if your not sure what kit is for you contact our team today for our expert advice!!

BS-8599 Workplace First Aid kit

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